Companies of payday loan 1500 zlotys – for a total of 0 zlotys without additional fees

It’s December and so it began for a good holiday period, a period in which some of you will be using additional cash from loan companies. As you know very well to get extra money with a short repayment period, we do not have to pay for the unnecessary costs. We can take advantage of a 0 zloty surcharge, which if we repay on time, we will not incur any additional costs for it.

Borrow 1500 zlotys at the first loan

Borrow 1500 zlotys at the first loan

Today I will look at the offers of companies that allow you to borrow 1500 zlotys at the first loan and give you the opportunity to borrow it without any additional fees. Of course, this promotion can only be used by new clients of a particular company as part of the first loan and today I will present you with 5 examples of such offers.


Probably one of the oldest companies operating on the online market of short-term loans, commonly known as payday loans. I remember very well how a few years ago Loanex launched as one of the first companies, the promotion of the first minute for PLN 0. Only that then, as part of the first loan, you could borrow no more than 500 zlotys, today this limit is much higher and amounts to 1,500 zlotys. You can apply for a Loanex loan if you are over 18 years old and you do not have debts in the debtors’ registers. All the formalities you can do here online and the waiting time for a loan is no more than a few hours.


Another company that has set the limit for new customers to PLN 1500 and the first loan is able to offer us completely free is Loan company. What is worth mentioning about this offer is the possibility of using a slightly longer repayment period than in most companies. Let me remind you that basically all companies use no more than a 30-day repayment period. However, in the loan, it can be up to 35 days. Loans of the Loan are available to people who have already completed 20 years and who do not have financial arrears and debts in the debtors’ registers.

Cash Fast

Another proposal for a payday of PLN 1,500 for PLN 0 for new customers, this time from Cash Fast. Like Loanex, it is one of the older offers on the payday market that provides them completely via the Internet. The condition that Cash Fast puts to us on the way to obtaining a loan is in the first place completed 20 years. In addition, we must have a clean account in the databases of the National Debt Register, to which we could have been charged for delays in repayment. If we did not have any similar adventures with the repayment of invoices or bills with a significant delay, then we have nothing to worry about.


Free payday loans up to PLN 1500 can also be found at MegaLoan, a company that allows you to obtain a loan with a standard 30-day repayment period. Anyone residing in Poland who has completed 21 but has not yet reached the age of 65 may become a customer of the company. A person applying for a payday can not also have any money arrears.


The last company in today’s ranking that I have chosen for you is the Easy Loan offer. A company which, as part of the first loan, is able to offer new customers, 1500 zlotys for a total of 0 zlotys. The key to obtaining a loan in the Easy Loan is over 20 years, a positive credit assessment in the bases of the Economic Information Bureau and, as with all companies presented today, having an active bank account and a mobile phone.