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How to Apply for a Private Company Loan?


How to Apply for a Private Company Loan?


 In theory, the personal loan with a discount sheet (known as payroll loan ) could be requested since September 18, 2003, when this type of credit was regulated. More commentary at

According to the provisional measure and the decree regulating the procedure for obtaining the payroll deductible personal loan , it provides that the terms of the concession are negotiated between the financial institution and the employee, or between the financial institution and the union or trade union that represents the category that the worker fits.

In general, the private company may also negotiate with financial institutions, provided that it has a direct authorization from the union representing the employees with a formal contract.

But can the worker seek the loan for private enterprise employees in banks and financial alone? Hardly this will happen, usually credit institutions prefer to lend to employees of private companies who already have direct agreements or accreditation with central trade unions, class or category unions.

At present, trade unions and trade union centrals, because they are better able to negotiate interest rates and better terms for repayment of loans, always achieve satisfactory and advantageous agreements with banking and financial institutions.

In short, before you go on a personal payroll loan , go to your company’s HR, go straight to your union base or union force to find out about available banks, interest rates, terms and procedures.


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