Loan With Delegation: Financing For Those Who Already Have One

Apply for a loan already having a loan with Salary Assignment in progress? It is possible, with the Loan with Delegation : here is more in detail what it is.

When the assignment of the Fifth is not sufficient to meet the planned (and unexpected) expenses or when more liquidity is needed to meet the current expenses, the Loan with Delegation allows for a new loan to be added to the first, in the same way.

More in detail, it allows to have a repayable loan through deduction from salary even in cases where there is already a current sale of the fifth in the salary or when the person requesting it has ongoing bank failures.

The loan with proxy allows, therefore, to have a total loan higher than other forms of financing, with an installment that can reach 2/5 of the salary (for this is also said double fifth ). Furthermore, it is not necessary to provide any reasons for the provision of the same.

Who can request it and what are the advantages?

Who can request it and what are the advantages?

The Loan with Delegation is a loan dedicated to permanent employees with a permanent contract even if they already have a loan. Unlike the Cession of the Fifth, the Loan with Delegation can only be granted upon agreement between the employer and the lending institution.

The monthly repayment installments are deducted directly from the paycheck through deduction, installments that can have a minimum duration of 24 months, up to a maximum of 120.

The advantages of the Loan with Delegation are as follows:

  • The possibility of requesting additional financing even if you already have a loan or bank failures in progress. The Loan with Delegation is frequently flanked by a Cession of the Fifth in order to obtain larger sums;
  • Direct disbursement : The loan is disbursed by the bank without intermediation;
  • Discretion : no justification for granting the loan is required.
  • Simple procedures : following the preliminary phase, the loan is disbursed rapidly. A signature is enough.
  • Advance renewal : the Loan with Delegation can be renewed before the deadline, to renew the flow of liquidity.

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